Recovering from illness – how to bounce back to health

December, 2022

If you have recently recovered from a nasty bout of flu, covid or allergies, your body is going to need some time to recover before you can rush out and go back to your busy routine. 

Being sick takes a lot out of even the strongest immune system and it is quite normal to feel like you have low energy for a few weeks during the recovery period.

The superpower of food

Prepare your body for getting back to activity and give your immune system a helping hand by eating healthy, whole-food meals that will reinvigorate you and help your tired cells get their strength back. 

If you have been living on soup and half-eaten sandwiches, then fresh, healthy food will be everything your body craves and needs.

Smoothies are a great way to get the nutrients you need in one quick meal. Blitz fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, frozen berries, and spirulina and drizzle with your favourite organic honey to sweeten the deal.

Wholewheat salad wraps, roast veggies and healthy breakfast dishes like overnight oats with chia seeds are all easy, no-fuss recipes your body will love.

Try our gluten-free spiced oatmeal pancakes, buckwheat waffles, turmeric-roasted carrots and our favourite everyday drink – sparkling ginger and honey lemonade.

We also love this Roast Kumara salad with mint honey dressing by NZ Chef Celia Harvey. Pair with one of our native organic New Zealand bush honeys for a delightful honey flavour addition.

Getting back to work

If you are ready to go back to work and pick up light activities from your routine, the first few days could be tough going. You may want to reach for the sugary feel-good foods for that afternoon slump, so why not grab an organic honey snap pak instead?

Rest and hydration are key to any kind of recovery, so take it easy for the first week back at work and listen to your body instead of trying to do everything all at once.

Prop up with Propolis

Propolis is a potent skin rejuvenator, powerful antimicrobial agent and immune-boosting remedy that has been used in ancient traditional medicine to treat a wide range of health conditions and concerns. 

Brimming with bioflavonoids, our BIF40+ Organic Propolis can actively fight free radicals, reduce inflammation in the body and could be just the remedy you need as you transition back into full health. 

It can also help to protect your body from getting sick again.

The certified organic tincture can be applied directly to your skin and the handy dropper can be applied directly to your throat or it can be diluted with water and used as a gargle.

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