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From New Zealand to the world, here at TranzAlpineHoney we look after every aspect of our process so you get the very best organic honey. As a result our premium organic honey is enjoyed across 26 countries and five continents.

Our organic honey is harvested from hives so remote it’s a great Kiwi adventure just reaching them. TranzAlpineHoney’s a family run business which has been working in harmony with our bees for over 100 years. We know that you’re not just attracted by the incredible flavour of our organic honey; being able to deliver our products in a way that’s sustainable, done without chemicals, and nurtures our bees is equally important to you.

Our range of products include organic premium organic Manuka honey, White Clover honey, Rata honey, Kamahi honey, Kanuka honey, Bush honey, propolis and beeswax that are available here in New Zealand and around the world.


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Sustainable and Naturally Safe Organic Honey

Protect the Bees and Boost Biodiversity. When you buy TranzAlpine Honey you choose certified New Zealand, organic honey, that comes from bees living their natural life-cycle in harmony with nature far removed from urban pollution or any pesticides and chemicals from agricultural spraying.

As New Zealand’s largest organic honey producer and exporter, we take our responsibility to care for our environment and respect the bees as seriously as we did when we started beekeeping over 100 years ago. We continue to produce our honey with the utmost care and attention to the bees and the land - sustainably and naturally organic.

Each jar of our certified organic honey is fully traceable to the individual beehive and location, it is also non-GMO certified, comes in 100% recycled packaging and is Vegetarian Society approved.

New Zealand certified organic honey is one of natures finest superfoods in its purest form.

When you buy any TranzAlpine Honey product, you get complete peace of mind knowing that you are playing your part in protecting the bees and natural pollinators so that we may all live in harmony for generations to come.

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