Organic manuka honey MGO400+

Organic Manuka Honey MG400+

Enjoy for yourself our organic New Zealand Manuka honey.

More than just delicious, with a MG400+ rating this honey is a premium quality. A superfood you can enjoy the taste whilst benefitting from the unique properties of this native New Zealand honey.

Our bees harvest the nectar from the beautiful, fragrant white flowers of the native New Zealand Manuka tree. This golden honey has a distinctive and pleasant floral taste. Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) is also known as the New Zealand Tea Tree, as early European settlers used the leaves to make tea.

Our Manuka honey is certified 100% organic; genuine and totally traceable to our organic and isolated beehives on South Island New Zealand’s remote West Coast. All our organic Manuka honey is independently tested by an IANZ accredited laboratory, and certified organic by BioGro™.

TRACE OUR HONEY – Each jar of TranzAlpineHoney has a unique batch code which is traceable to our beehives.

Read about how TranzAlpine organic Manuka honey meets the MGO Ratings and the New Zealand Government’s Science Definition.

Packaged in PET amber and glass jars.

Organic Manuka Honey MG400+ 140g
Organic Manuka Honey MG400+ 250g
Organic Manuka Honey MG400+ 500g