Organic Manuka lozenges with blackcurrant

Organic Manuka Honey Lozenges MG400+ with Blackcurrant

A pure and potent combination of organic New Zealand Manuka honey and organic New Zealand grown blackcurrant in an antioxidant-rich lozenge.

Blackcurrants are brimming with antimicrobials and anthocyanins and when added to the powerhouse immune-boosting benefits of organic Manuka honey, they become a cold and flu force to be reckoned with.

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Anthocyanins are the antioxidant-rich pigment found in blackcurrants. New Zealand grown varieties contain 1.5 times more anthocyanins than non-NZ grown varieties due to the pristine and unpolluted natural surroundings.

Not only do they fight free radicals and also offer powerful anti-viral benefits, but they have also been said to support cardiovascular, brain and eye health along with reducing fatigue.

The organic Manuka honey lozenges with Blackcurrant are a perfect natural sore throat remedy, for the whole family.

TranzAlpine Honey has been the largest New Zealand organic Manuka honey producer since 1910. Read about the 110-year milestone here.

Organic Manuka Honey Lozenges MG400+ with Blackcurrant 90g