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NEW Premium Squeezable Honey with Lavender

Convenient and easy to use, the delicious Lavender flavour packed with all the goodness you have come to know and love from New Zealand’s #1 Organic Honey Brand. Our organic honey is sourced from the untouched, alpine region of the pristine South Island.

TranzAlpine Honey is delighted to launch the new premium squeeze honey range as we celebrate 30 years of organic certification.

We are proud of our organic legacy and commitment to climate mitigation, producing healthy food without compromising future generations’ ability to do the same.

Our premium squeezable honey is brimming with all the natural goodness of pure organic New Zealand honey and an infusion of lavender that the whole family will love!

Certified Organic Honey with Lavender Infusion.

We’ve blended our organic honey with natural organic lavender that’s full of natural calming and relaxing benefits. Creating a delicious fusion free from artificial flavours, preservatives and GMOs. Packed with flavour, it’s the ultimate honey indulgence.

Premium Squeezable Honey with Lavender