We love that we can share our organic honey with you

You choose to enjoy organic fruit and vegetables, so why not organic honey?

In caring for our bees we also care for our land. And we’re sure you’ll agree that our land deserves to be cared for. We know you’d be here if you could, but not everyone is as lucky as us to live in a pristine, unspoiled corner of New Zealand

If you choose honey from bees that live in a city or near an industrial area everything the bee or flowers come into contact with may be contaminated with pollution.

Our honey bees dine on pollen from the best native New Zealand bush including Manuka, White Clover, Kanuka, NZ Bush, Rata and Kamahi. We spend time making sure they’ve got the best that nature intended so that you can enjoy our products, knowing that they’re certified organic, produced sustainably and simply healthy, great tasting honey.

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BioGro™ certified

This means that you can trust us, knowing when we say our honey is ‘organic’, then it is.

Our honey is certified organic with BioGro™, New Zealand’s largest and best-known certifier for organic products, accredit- ing over 750 products throughout New Zealand and the Pacific.

Not only does this certification mean that your honey has no traces of sprays or synthetic chemicals, but it also means that your honey can be traced back to our individual hives that are scattered throughout the Canterbury high country and remote West Coast of south island New Zealand.

In 2018 we’ve had our BioGro™ certification for 25 years. So we’re not jumping on the organic bandwagon. In fact we’ve always been organic – for over 100 years. We’d love to share our story with you, and you’ll see why our certification is so important to us.

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"We've been a bit addicted to the beekeeping for over 100 years now.

We've stayed true to how our family has always produced organic honey 'the old fashioned way' and we know you appreciate it."