Organic comb honey

Organic Comb Honey

The most versatile, creamy honey with a light taste of clover.

Enjoy this natural Organic honeycomb as it was taken out of the hive, still in its distinctive beeswax cells. Our bees have collected nectar from the white clover flowers found in the isolated Southern Alps of South Island New Zealand.

Eating honeycomb is delicious! In NZ, honeycomb is eaten as one of the purest forms of raw honey.

Compared to processed honey, you will immediately notice the difference in taste, and its delicate, flaky texture. As you savour this delectable treat, it will become chewy and packed full of flavour. Many honeycomb lovers have likened the rich, bittersweet taste to a well-balanced sweet taste.

What is Honeycomb?

Worker honeybees craft the internal structure of their hives by using their legs and mouths to mould the soft beeswax pieces into hexagonal cells. These ‘honeycomb’ cells are used to store nectar and pollen, which the bees then convert to honey.

Organic Comb Honey 100g
Organic Comb Honey 340g