• Organic Mānuka Honey Drops MGO550+ with Propolis

  • Organic pure Manuka honey

    Organic Manuka Honey MG250+

    $25.30$88.00Earn up to 8 Organic Club points.
  • Organic manuka honey collection

    Organic Manuka Honey MG350+

    $38.50$104.50Earn up to 10 Organic Club points.
  • Organic manuka honey MGO400+

    Organic Manuka Honey MG400+

    $40.70$132.00Earn up to 13 Organic Club points.
  • Organic Manuka honey UMF15+ MGO550+

    Organic Mānuka Honey MG550+

    $55.00$198.00Earn up to 19 Organic Club points.
  • Manuka honey MGO650

    Organic Manuka Honey MG650+ Limited Release

    $165.00Earn 16 Organic Club points!
  • Organic Manuka honey MGO100+ from New Zealand

    Organic Manuka Multifloral Honey MG100+

    $27.50$49.50Earn up to 4 Organic Club points.
  • Premium manuka honey

    Organic Manuka Multifloral Honey MG150+

    $18.70$60.50Earn up to 6 Organic Club points.
  • BioHoney organic manuka honey MGO50+

    Organic Manuka Multifloral Honey MG50+

    $22.00$39.60Earn up to 3 Organic Club points.
  • TranzAlpine Honey shop 'Mānuka Multifloral Squeezable Honey' 633x640

    Premium Squeezable Mānuka Multifloral Honey

    $29.50Earn 2 Organic Club points!
  • TranzAlpineHoney Wellness Subscription Pack products - 3 jars of honey

    Wellness Subscription Pack – Bees Choice

    From: $83.25 / monthEarn up to 99 Organic Club points.