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110 Years of Organic Honey – The Mid-Canterbury Honey Family Supplying the World

September, 2020

Nestled in the wild and rugged regions of the pristine South Island in New Zealand you will find the worlds most coveted honey and the largest New Zealand organic Manuka honey producer – TranzAlpine Organic Honey.

Interview with Yuriy Soshnikov, Managing Director of TranzAlpine Organics

From humble family beginnings in 1910, TranzAlpine honey started as a Newton family beekeeping project in Mid Canterbury, with just a handful of swarms. By the 1930s they were producing over 3 tons of honey. 110 years later, they are leading the way as a 5th generation family business that has been certified organic since 1993.

TranzAlpine ships to over 28 countries and 5 continents recently pioneering a signature fusion range that is taking the world by storm. And in 2020 they became the only New Zealand honey producer to gain USDA organic certification equivalence.

TranzAlpine Honey Beekeeping New Zealand
West Coast, South Island

“Right from the beginning, we realised the importance of producing honey that’s sustainably produced and organic. It’s important to the bees, the quality of the honey, the land and for our customers.” Yuriy Soshnikov, MD of TranzAlpineHoney

Today TranzAlpine produces over 27 certified organic honey products, health supplements and remedies including 19 different kinds of premium organic honey and honey fusions. And they continue to grow.

Commitment to the Environment

Recognising that plastic waste was becoming an unmanageable environmental issue, TranzApline Honey became one of the 1st New Zealand honey producers to move to 100% recycled plastic jars in 2019. The lightweight, shatter-resistant and food-safe jars has less of an environmental footprint than glass and can be 100% recycled.

Meet Your Bees – Tracing the Buzz

The unspoiled and remote location of the TranzAlpine hives means that the plants and flowers that the bees forage from are guaranteed to be free from pesticides and urban pollution. The TranzApline philosophy has always been bees and environment first with honey so pure that its origin is tracked and traceable

Each TranzApline honey product comes with a unique batch code. Just pop in the batch code on the TranzAlpine website and you can see exactly which hive your honey came from.

“Organic is more than just producing honey without chemicals.  It’s making sure that our honey is produced in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, being able to trace exactly where our bees have been, and what they might’ve met along the way.”

Yuri and Victoria launching TranzAlpine Honey in Japan in 2019

The Future of Honey

Organic honey production is not only about providing a sustainable source of honey in its purest form to market, but it is also about protecting the future of the bee colonies. Through constant learnings, improvements and sustainable practices, TranzAlpine can continue to produce superior quality honey just as nature created it.

With no artificial flavours, sweeteners, preservatives or GMOs TranzAlpine proudly continues to be the leading Kiwi honey producer of 100% organic pure honey.

The range of organic fusions looks ahead to expand into more exciting varieties, taking the purest form of honey to new heights as the iconic honey producer celebrates 110 years of beekeeping with many more exciting years to come.