TranzAlpineHoney Immune Boost Subscription Pack products

Organic Cold and Flu Protection

No matter where you live when winter arrives with its short days and cold weather, so do coughs, colds and sore throats. While the new normal is to be masked up and hypervigilant about viruses and disease, there has never been a better time to naturally protect your family’s health. More and more people are…

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Organic Manuka Honey Roasted Nuts

What could be better than the delicious crunch of warm toasted nuts? Smothering them in TranzAlpine Organic Manuka Honey of course! The sticky sweetness and crunchy textures are epic, you have to try it!

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Turmeric Honey Roasted Carrots

Sweet, garlicky and buttery, with a hint of spicy turmeric, these roasted carrots make a quick, easy, and delicious side dish.

The best part is that you don’t need a special occasion to make this healthy and nutritional sweet carrot dish that the whole family will enjoy.

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Sparkling Ginger Honey Lemonade

This sparkling ginger honey lemonade is like a tangy, spicy and sweet mix with an invigorating flavour of ginger beer. Lemonade with a twist! To make your own homemade ginger lemonade super healthy, sweeten it with TranzAlpineHoney Organic Honey Fusion with Ginger. It is packed with healthy natural ingredients, so it is the perfect everyday…

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Organic honey subscriptions

TranzAlpine Honey Subscriptions Have Arrived!

Supercharge your family’s wellness all year round with a premium honey subscription from TranzAlpine Honey. Our new hassle-free monthly subscription service now delivers the finest organic New Zealand honey directly to your door, so you never have to run out of your favourite honey again. Buy a subscription for yourself, your family, or give the…

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Organic honey by TranzAlpine


New Zealand certified organic honey is one of natures finest superfoods in its purest form. When you buy TranzAlpine Honey, it is guaranteed to be 100% pesticide and chemical-free. But how does it compare with its non-organic alternative? Many consumers are asking what is the difference between organic and non-organic honey? We decided to put…

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Organic honey with cacao recipes

Sweetly indulgent. Vanilla buckwheat waffles with organic honey & cacao.

These gluten-free buckwheat waffles are fluffy and tender with the delicate touch of vanilla. Waffles are especially delicious when served with organic honey and cacao. TranzAlpineHoney has teamed up their organic NZ white clover honey with the tasty superfood organic raw cocoa. Leave chocolate nut spreads and sauces at the supermarket. This is a far…

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What are the superior benefits of Organic Kanuka honey?

Crafted by the worker bees at TranzAlpineHoney, Organic Kanuka honey is a wonderful anti-ageing ingredient because it contains very special compounds called arabinogalactans (AGP’s); and Kanuka has the highest AGP content of any New Zealand honey (including Manuka honey). AGP is important because it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and persistent inflammation from conditions such as…

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Organic honey pancakes with ginger

Healthy spiced pumpkin oatmeal pancakes with ginger honey

Nothing says “morning” like homemade pancakes for breakfast. These warming spiced pumpkin oatmeal pancakes are probably the healthiest pancake recipe! Making them is easier than you think. Serve pancakes with smooth and creamy white clover honey with ginger. TranzAlpineHoney has teamed up their organic NZ white clover honey with warming and soothing organic ginger. Something…

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