Stop GMO

Say NO to GMO

Genetically Modified Organisms in New Zealand -The Coalition Government’s plan Genetic modification is an assault on nature. The introduction of GMOs (genetically modified organisms)¬† into the New Zealand environment is sitting at the top of the current coalition government’s agenda. However, introducing genetically engineered organisms into our environment is completely irreversible. Should the current government…

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Certified Glyphosate-Free New Zealand Honey

TranzAlpine Honey has been proudly certified organic by BioGro NZ since 1993. Our honey is certified GMO-free, glyphosate-free, Vegetarian society-approved, Halal-certified and USDA and FDA-certified organic. Certified organic honey vs conventional honey The environmental and biodiversity impact that commercial agriculture and mainstream food producers have on our natural pollinators is putting our future food security…

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The Regenerative Agriculture Project: TranzAlpine Honey and Mt Whitnow Station

In 2017, TranzAlpine Honey placed 60 beehives on the remote peaks of Mt Whitnow station. By 2023 the unforgiving terrain where nothing was previously ever able to grow, was lush and thriving. All thanks to the bees. Read about how the bees have transformed uninhabitable land that couldn’t even be irrigated into a thriving biodiversity ecosystem.

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Manuka honey

What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is a¬†unique¬†honey made by¬†honey bees¬†from the¬†nectar¬†of¬†the New Zealand¬†Manuka¬†tree.¬†The¬†special qualities¬†of Manuka honey¬†come from the¬†Manuka¬†flower nectar.¬† International scientific research has shown Manuka honey has remarkable qualities that set it apart from other‚ÄĮhoneys. Manuka¬†honey is only¬†made in New Zealand¬†and only during a few weeks every summer when the¬†Manuka¬†is in flower.¬†¬† To capture the nectar flow the…

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Organic propolis spray

Organic Propolis and Manuka Honey Throat Spray

Fast relief and protection Tranzalpine Honey Organic Propolis Throat Spray reduces inflammation and stimulates the immune system, helps with respiratory health and viral, bacterial or fungal infections.¬†The product is suitable for use when you are sick, sore throat, relieve cough or improve daily health. Methylglyoxal (MG for short) is an antibacterial agent found in most…

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