The Regenerative Agriculture Project: TranzAlpine Honey and Mt Whitnow Station

In 2017, TranzAlpine Honey placed 60 beehives on the remote peaks of Mt Whitnow station. By 2023 the unforgiving terrain where nothing was previously ever able to grow, was lush and thriving. All thanks to the bees. Read about how the bees have transformed uninhabitable land that couldn’t even be irrigated into a thriving biodiversity ecosystem.

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Squeezable honey range

Introducing the NEW squeezy premium organic honey range

Introducing the new premium organic squeezable honey range from New Zealand’s #1 Organic Honey Brand, TranzAlpine Honey. Now you can squeeze your favourite organic honey to your heart’s delight – no special occasion needed. Two delicious flavours, brimming with the highest levels of nutrient-rich pollen and natural goodness that the whole family will love. New…

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