Organic Kanuka honey

Is Kanuka honey next super-food?

The rise of the next super-honey. We’d like to introduce you to another New Zealand honey which offers a bit more than just a natural sweetener. Meet Kanuka. A honey that’s coming out of the shadow of Manuka. Why we love honey Honey conjures up images of luxury and promise. And over the centuries it’s…

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25 years organic

Celebrating 25 years of TranzAlpineHoney organic certification

In 2018 we’ve celebrated 25 years of being BioGro NZ™ certified organic honey.  But we’re not jumping on the organic band-wagon.  Actually, we’ve been living and breathing the organic philosophy for over 100 years.  Seriously, our hives are so remote it’s a great Kiwi adventure just reaching them, so there’re definitely nothing nasty anywhere nearby. …

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