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The TranzAlpineHoney website has had a face-lift.

June, 2019

Dear honey-lover,

We think you’ll love our new website. You’ll find it clearer and easier to find the products and information you want.

Here’s how to make the most of your TranzAlpineHoney organic honey experience.

  1. Go to your favourite web browser and type in
  2. Add to your ‘favourites’ list so you always know where to order more of your organic honey
  3. Explore our wonderful honey and bee products and find out about our place in the pristine, natural New Zealand countryside.

Making buying TranzAlpineHoney organic honey easier

You can now order and pay for your delicious organic New Zealand honey online.

You can find a local or international resellers or enquire about how to stock our products

Get personal with your pot of honey

One feature we think you’ll really enjoy is finding out which part of our pristine country your pot of honey came from. Where ever you are in the world you can find out where the hive was that produced the honey that is now in your home. Visit our new site now and enter the batch number of your latest pot.

You can also find out, clearly and easily, why we think it’s so important to choose TranzAlpineHoney organic New Zealand honey. Important for the future and health of honey bees and our land.