Certified Glyphosate-Free New Zealand Honey

March, 2024

TranzAlpine Honey has been proudly certified organic by BioGro NZ since 1993. Our honey is certified GMO-free, glyphosate-free, Vegetarian society-approved, Halal-certified and USDA and FDA-certified organic.

Certified organic honey vs conventional honey

The environmental and biodiversity impact that commercial agriculture and mainstream food producers have on our natural pollinators is putting our future food security at serious risk.

None of organic beehives are treated with synthetic miticides and none of our bees are fed with sugar. Unlike most conventional apiaries our beehives and bees are never exposed to any agricultural chemicals or pesticides at any time, including during harvest.
TranzAlpine Organic honey is fully traceable to the individual beehive and location, is non-GMO certified, Vegetarian Society approved and comes in 100% recycled plastic packaging.

Organic vs Non – Organic Honey

Certified Organic HoneyNon-Organic Honey
✔ No synthetic additives, chemicals, or any antibiotics are used in organic honey production⤫ Artificial ingredients can be used during production and added to the finished product
✔ No sugar or non-organic supplements are fed to the bees⤫ Synthetic chemicals may be used around beehives and processing equipment
✔ No pesticides or herbicides are used anywhere near the hive location⤫ Beehives and bees may be exposed to agricultural chemicals and pesticides during harvest
✔ Organic beehives can only be treated with organic approved natural remedies⤫ Non-organic beehives are treated with synthetic miticides and fed with sugar
✔ Minimum heat processing to preserve the quality, taste, and flavour⤫ Fine filtering and overheating of non-organic honey removes the bee pollen and increases HMF level, which significantly lowers the quality of the finished product
✔ No traces of miticides or herbicides in the finished product⤫ Non-organic honey can have traces of miticides and herbicides in the finished product.
✔ High levels of nutrient-rich pollen⤫ Imported pollen can be added to the final product
✔ Independent and stringent organic certification standards must be met⤫ No certification requirements for sale
✔ No artificial flavours or sweeteners are added to the finished product.⤫ Artificial flavours and sweetness can be added.

New Zealand’s Finest Organic Honey

New Zealand-certified organic honey is one of nature’s finest superfoods in its purest form. When you buy TranzAlpine Honey, it is guaranteed to be 100% pesticide and chemical-free.

Organic Honey Quality Control and Traceability

As part of our quality control and traceability system, we test each batch of honey independently and record this as part of our production process. 

Honey is tested for 200+ micro residues, including an extensive range of harmful agricultural chemicals. This vigorous testing process is only a part of organic requirements and is unique to our product. 

Each batch of exported honey comes with an MPI and organic transaction certificate to confirm the quality and traceability.

We go to great lengths to ensure that each batch of honey has only the good stuff.

What is Glyphosate?

Glyphosate is a non-selective chemical herbicide that is widely used as a weed killer. Being non-selective means that it not only kills weeds but almost everything else it touches, including beneficial pollinators and microorganisms. 

It is highly toxic, hazardous, and detrimental to the environment. It enters plants through its leaves, making its way into the roots, inhibiting the absorption of nutrients from the soil, eventually suffocating and killing the plant. 

In New Zealand, MPI and the EPA monitor and control the usage of glyphosate. 

In 2021, Japan rejected shipments of New Zealand honey after they discovered traces of glyphosate. Glyphosate finds its way into conventional non-organic honey when bees are exposed to contamination from areas where agricultural spraying is done, near where they forage for pollen and nectar. The wind can also blow water and dust onto hives that are contaminated with glyphosate.

Certified glyphosate-free organic honey

Organic apiaries don’t have this problem.

BioGro NZ organic certification requirements require the location of organic beehives to be a minimum of 3km away from any urban settlement or agricultural spraying. 

To be certified organic in New Zealand, you must adhere to some of the most stringent and rigorous legislation in the world. 

“The maximum residue limits (MRL) vary globally. The domestic MRL for glyphosate in New Zealand honey is 0.1 mg/kg; in Europe, the MRL is 0.05 mg/kg; and in Japan, the MRL is 0.01 mg/kg.” Analytica New Zealand

TranzAlpine Honey products are all certified organic by BioGro NZ and are certified glyphosate-free. 

Customers around the world choose our certified organic New Zealand honey, because they know it comes from bees living their natural life-cycle in harmony with nature far removed from urban pollution or any pesticides and chemicals from agricultural spraying.

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