Tranzalpine honey beekeeper working with hives in the west coast

What is Methylglyoxal?

Methylglyoxal or MGO is the potent, unique compound that is responsible for the many powerful health benefits found in Manuka honey. Testing MGO levels are important as they can vary greatly – not all Manuka honey is equal.

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Organic Kanuka honey

What is Arabinogalactan protein?

Arabinogalactan protein or AGP is a bioactive protein found in the cell walls of plants. It is the active ingredient found in abundance in New Zealand Kānuka Honey.

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What is Propolis?

Propolis has been known for centuries as one of nature’s most powerful compounds. Research has shown that bioflavonoids found in bee propolis can reduce inflammation and stimulate the immune system

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What are Bioflavonoids?

Bioflavonoids naturally occurring compounds found in many fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits, and can even be found in tea, dark chocolate and wine.

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