Manuka honey

What is Manuka Honey?

December, 2021

Manuka honey is a unique honey made by honey bees from the nectar of the New Zealand Manuka tree. The special qualities of Manuka honey come from the Manuka flower nectar. 

Manuka blossom

International scientific research has shown Manuka honey has remarkable qualities that set it apart from other‚ÄĮhoneys. Manuka¬†honey is only¬†made in New Zealand¬†and only during a few weeks every summer when the¬†Manuka¬†is in flower.¬†¬†

To capture the nectar flow the beehives¬†must be placed in the¬†wild remote¬†Manuka¬†areas¬†at just the right time,¬†and¬†conditions have to‚ÄĮbe just right – strong winds will blow the¬†flowers from the plants, while rain keeps the bees from venturing out of their hives.¬†Making¬†Manuka¬†honey is a lot more challenging than common honeys¬†like Clover¬†which grows all year round in backyards everywhere!¬†


Manuka honey is a complex honey that goes far beyond a simple table honey. 

Manuka¬†honey¬†has been the focus of extensive¬†scientific research¬†evidencing remarkable natural¬†qualities¬†that set it apart from other‚ÄĮhoneys.¬†

Look for MGO or UMF certification on the label to help select the right grade for your needs. The higher the number the higher the MGO potency (MGO is what makes Manuka honey so special). READ MORE ABOUT MGO

Manuka honey

Quality, Purity & Potency Guaranteed

We’re experts at making honey. The rich flavour, smooth texture and exceptional properties of our honey is thanks to the collective efforts and close care of our bees, beekeepers, and honey experts throughout the entire process.

MGO Certification gives the ultimate assurance of quality and potency. Not all Manuka honey is high in MGO (the ingredient that makes Manuka honey so special). The MGO number tell you how much MGO is in the honey and help you choose the right grade for your needs.

Our hives are placed in wild pristine areas with no risk of contaminants in the environment. W routinely test for pesticides and herbicides including glyphosate residues, and every batch is triple tested to make sure our honey is always of the highest quality and purity. 

Get the most out of your Manuka

Manuka honey is versatile, simple to use and tastes delicious.

The best way to enjoy it is right off the spoon or mixed in warm water, tea or coffee. It makes a great replacement for refined sugar, and is the perfect accompaniment to breakfast foods and smoothies.‚ÄĮ

Manuka honey provides a¬†natural boost and makes for a¬†wholesome treat¬†in¬†the ‚ÄĮkid’s lunches.

It’s also a great¬†treat for your skin.

Manuka honey can be enjoyed by the whole family (over 1 yr of age).