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Everything you need to know about Kāmahi Honey

October, 2022

Kāmahi honey is the most amazing, underrated native New Zealand honey. It has a delicious, indulgent floral, nutty flavour that pairs perfectly with cheeses like Camembert, Brie and Feta but is also packed with health benefits too.

The Kāmahi tree

The Kāmahi tree (Weinmannia racemosa) is a native New Zealand tree found growing all over New Zealand. They can grow up to 30 m high and flower profusely over the spring and summer. Their strikingly delicate white flowers look like downy bottle brush plumes with soft red tips contrasted by thick, jagged-edged leaves.

They are formed on racemes, which are like clusters of individual flowers on a single stem. Kāmahi flower racemes are distinctively long at over 10cm each and have a pleasing sweet scent.

They are a delight for native birds and, of course, our beloved natural pollinators who feast on the flowers during summer to make the delicious golden toffee-hued honey.

kamahi honey
Kamahi tree blossoms

Traditional medicine

Māori used the bark from this tree in many traditional ways, as it was rich in natural tannins. The bark was used as a dye for clothing and household items and the wood, protected by tapu was used to make fishing rods. It was considered good luck to have a Kāmahi timber fishing rod.

The bark of the Kāmahi tree was known for its powerful antiseptic properties and ability to heal wounds and chest complaints quickly. 

Used in traditional medicine as a powerful tonic for respiratory tract illnesses such as flu and bronchitis as well as for treating burns and skin ailments. 

Chefs’ favourite honey

Chefs and cooks love Kāmahi honey for pairing with spicy dishes or drizzling over fresh fruit. It is great just on its own with toast too – you don’t need a special occasion to eat organic Kāmahi honey. It is packed with antibacterial properties and antioxidants and is naturally sugar-free – healthy enough to eat every day.

Our Kāmahi honey is certified 100% organic; genuine and totally traceable to our organic and isolated beehives. Just type in the unique code on your honey jar into our website and you can see exactly where your honey came from. 

Our bees live their natural lifecycle in nature, foraging to the delight and they get on with the business of making honey far removed from the pollution and interference of city life.

All our organic Kāmahi honey is independently tested and certified organic by BioGro™.

  • Certified organic
  • Raw and unpasteurised
  • Harvested and packed in New Zealand
  • Non-GMO certified
  • Vegetarian society approved
  • Halal-certified
  • USDA and FDA-certified organic

Experience something different! Try our beautifully fragrant Kāmahi honey with a flavour profile of caramel and toffee and just a hint of vanilla.

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