TranzAlpine Honey wins Gold and Silver at the 2022 Inspire + NZ Artisan Awards

October, 2022

The Inspire+ NZ Artisan Awards is the biggest competition for artisanal producers in New Zealand. This year they received a record number of entries.

“Product entries were recognised with a Bronze, Silver or Gold award if they met the development standard; this included analysing the level of consumer demand in the category, degree of innovation, fit-for-purpose claims, visual appeal, price point, packaging, sustainability, shelf-life, mouth feel, taste, distribution and market relevance.”

TranzAlpine Honey is delighted to announce that all three products entered into the awards won.

Organic Mānuka Honey MG650+

TranzAlpine Honey’s limited release Organic Mānuka Honey MG650+ is one of nature’s most unique and powerful superfoods.

Mānuka honey is a rare honey that is entirely unique to New Zealand. It has long been celebrated for its extraordinary healing properties and is in demand all over the world. 

Sourced from the native organic New Zealand Mānuka tree (Leptospermum Scoparium) you can taste the superior quality of this organic honey. The Mānuka MG650+ rating means this exceptional organic honey has the highest level of beneficial properties.

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“We were thrilled to be a part of the judging panel for the 2022 Inspire+ NZ Artisan Awards.

It is a great opportunity for brands to show off their innovative products; we were so excited to see what producers came up with.” Danielle Lendich, CEO Wendy’s NZ.

Organic Mānuka Throat and Chest Syrup MG550+

While the new normal is to be masked up and hypervigilant about viruses and disease, there has never been a better time to naturally protect your family’s health.

TranzAlpine Honey Organic Throat and Chest Syrup is a natural formulation built around our very best BioGro™ certified organic New Zealand Mānuka honey and propolis. This product has an MG rating of 550+, which shows the powerful strength of the honey’s antimicrobial activity.

We’ve combined five traditional, active, organic ingredients to help keep your head and airways clear. Organic Mānuka honey, organic propolis, organic elderflower, echinacea and thyme to help you make the most of your day.

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Organic Honey with Ginger Fusion

Just when you thought organic honey couldn’t get any better, we fused our organic white clover honey with organic ginger. The result is a sweetly soothing creamy honey that is rich in gingerol – a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

What could be more warming on a cold day, or to soothe away the aches and pains of the day than sipping away at a spoonful of Organic Fusions: Organic honey with ginger in a mug of hot water? Or enjoying it dripping off the side of a slice of spiced fruit bread.

This delicious fusion is free from artificial flavours, preservatives and GMO and is full of taste. The perfect excuse to stop and soothe away the daily aches.

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Thank you

Thank you to the organisers and judges of the Inspire+ and Artisan Awards. TranzAlpine Honey is honoured to receive theses accolades alongside so many other amazing artisan food producers.

TranzAlpine Honey from the New Zealand Alps to the World.