Organic Manuka lozenges with blackcurrant

The Brilliance of Blackcurrants

June, 2022

When people talk about superfoods, they talk about things like organic manuka honey, blueberries and elderflower. But you hardly ever hear about the brilliance of blackcurrants, which are one of the most underrated superfoods ever.

Power up your health and fitness with Blackcurrants

Polyphenolic-rich, blackcurrants are brimming with antimicrobials and anthocyanins and when added to the powerhouse immune-boosting benefits of organic Manuka honey, they become a cold and flu force to be reckoned with.

Anthocyanins are the antioxidant-rich pigment found in blackcurrants. New Zealand grown varieties contain 1.5 times more anthocyanins than non-NZ grown varieties due to the pristine and unpolluted natural surroundings.

Not only do they fight free radicals and also offer powerful anti-viral benefits, but they have also been said to support cardiovascular, brain and eye health along with reducing fatigue. 

Anthocyanins have also been shown to be significant in sports performance and recovery. Studies have shown that it can also improve muscle recovery time and actively reduce oxidative stress. 

TranzAlpine Honey and Viberi

When it came time to make the ultimate organic Manuka honey lozenge we wanted only the very best ingredients from a supplier who met our own rigorous standards for quality, environmental responsibility and organic practices. 

The result was a potently pure combination of organic TranzAlpine Manuka honey and NZ-grown organic Viberi Blackcurrants that are brimming with antimicrobials and anthocyanins.

Our Manuka honey soothing lozenges are packed with Vitamin C and powerful antioxidants from organic NZ-grown Viberi Blackcurrants and all the immune-boosting properties of organic New Zealand Manuka honey.

Sore throats are frustrating and uncomfortable and can affect our well-being as a whole. As an unwelcome symptom of colds or flu and your throat can feel scratchy and painful. 

The TranzAlpine Honey Organic Manuka Honey Lozenge MG400+ with Blackcurrant is a potently powerful formulation that is the perfect sore throat soother for the entire family.

Cold and Flu Immune Support

It’s tough when the family is all feeling down out with coughs and colds which typically get passed around to everyone at home. A visit to the pharmacy for cold and flu medication, while effective, can quickly become a huge expense as you need to keep buying more. While they will help with managing the symptoms of colds and flu, don’t forget to boost your immune system too.

We have a wonderful, trusted health and wellness range of products that can help you boost your health and immunity all year round. All are certified organic, with no added chemicals and are all non-GMO.

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