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TranzAlpine Honey celebrates 30 years of organic certification

May, 2023

TranzAlpine Honey is a 5th generation-family bee-keeping business that has been producing honey in Mid Canterbury since 1910.

This year we are humbled to celebrate our 30th anniversary of being certified organic with BioGro™ NZ.

We are incredibly proud of our organic legacy, and local Ashburton district roots, and that after 113 years, we are still able to produce healthy food without compromising future generations’ ability to do the same.

While technology has helped us streamline some of our processes, traditional beekeeping practices are still very much at the core of everything we do.

Despite a global surge in demand for Mānuka honey, we continue to produce honey products that don’t come at the expense of the natural environment or our endangered natural pollinators. 

Today, TranzAlpine Honey is the #1 certified organic honey producer in New Zealand.

We produce over 27 certified organic honey products, health supplements and remedies including 17 different kinds of premium organic honey and honey fusions, that are enjoyed in over 28 countries across 5 continents.

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NZ Artisan + Award Winners 2023

“ We know that diversity drives resilience and healthy ecosystems with greater biodiversity are stronger and more adaptable, with the ability to recover faster from adverse climate change events. Certified organic farming practices have the power to decrease the adverse effects of global warming and have more synergy with the environment. “ 

Yuriy Shoshnikov, MD TranzAlpine Honey

Keep an eye out for our new premium squeezy honey range – coming soon!

Where are our beehives?

Our beehives are tucked far away from city pollution and agricultural spraying in the remote wilderness of the South Island, where it’s abundant with native flora. 

The location – a minimum of 5km away from urban suburbs or farming activities – ensures that we meet the rigorous organic certification requirements. 

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Each location is carefully considered, taking into account the biodiversity footprint.

As part of our commitment to the ongoing conservation of natural resources, TranzAlpine Honey has agreements and partnerships with landowners on privately owned land that support our crusade to preserve natural bee habitats and maintain pollinator diversity.

10 Ways TranzAlpine Honey mitigates climate change

  1. We only use renewable, carbon-neutral and sustainable wooden honey frames and beehives. They keep bees warm in the winter and promote longevity.
  2. Our packaging is environmentally friendly, 100% recycled rPet packaging, and sourced locally to reduce our carbon footprint
  3. Our processing factory has been converted to a 15kwh solar system with sophisticated solar battery storage, allowing us to be 90% off the grid during peak season
  4. We do not artificially feed or medicate our bees
  5. Our honey bees are left with more than enough honey for themselves
  6. We don’t use any synthetic chemicals or any type of antibiotics on the beehives or anywhere near our bees – which are both common practices in non-organic apiculture
  7. Also, we are converting our fleet to 100% EV with nearly 30% of the vehicles being EV/Hybrid. The target is to be 100% EV by 2027.
  8. We only use ingredients for our honey products, such as the fusion and wellness products, from other certified producers who meet the same rigorous organic certification as we do
  9. We use super light rPet packaging, that’s safer, and more efficient for handling and shipping locally and around the world.

Bees are the backbone of the primary industry

They are vital for our food future and resilient biodiversity.

The production of certified organic honey is about absolute sustainable integrity – from the placement of the hives, right until production, packing and shipping.

To be organically certified in New Zealand, our honey products must meet some of the most stringent criteria in the world. 

These criteria form the basis of our values and underpin the fundamentals of biodiversity, food security and climate change mitigation. 

“We knew early on that the responsibility to our bees and the environment would be a lifelong commitment, and we take this just as seriously today as we did when we started beekeeping over 100 years ago.”

Thank you for choosing organic

Biodiversity, environmental impact and conservation of the bees are at the forefront of every decision we make – from the carefully considered location of each hive to the packaging we put our honey products in.

Our customers choose our certified organic New Zealand honey because we share the same values. It is just as important to them as it is to us. 

Together we can reduce our carbon footprint and conserve our habitats so that our children don’t have to face a food security crisis left behind by us.