Climate change

Our commitment to Climate change mitigation

TranzAlpine Honey is the #1 Organic Honey Producer in New Zealand. Our complete supply chain, production transparency and extensive certification list demonstrate our ongoing commitment to climate change mitigation as a farm-to-table organic honey producer.  Here are just some of the ways we show our commitment to sustainability and future food security. TranzAlpine Honey is…

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The Regenerative Agriculture Project: TranzAlpine Honey and Mt Whitnow Station

In 2017, TranzAlpine Honey placed 60 beehives on the remote peaks of Mt Whitnow station. By 2023 the unforgiving terrain where nothing was previously ever able to grow, was lush and thriving. All thanks to the bees. Read about how the bees have transformed uninhabitable land that couldn’t even be irrigated into a thriving biodiversity ecosystem.

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