Organic Bush honey collection

Bees Choice – Native Organic New Zealand Bush Honey

September, 2022

New Zealand native Bush Honey is one of the most popular everyday table honey and is highly unique in nature. 

Each season, our bees visit the surrounding native bush and create their own limited edition bee blend version of native bush honey.

No two batches are ever the same!

Bush honey has a creamy, butterscotch texture and a rich taste, with a nectar blend from honeydew and native flowers. 

Organic bush honey has higher antioxidant and antibacterial activity levels, mineral content, and greater nutritional value than other floral honey.

Do you buy honey from a city beekeeper?

If you buy honey that comes from hives in or near a city, farms or industrial area, everything the bee or flowers come into contact with may be contaminated with pollution.

Certified organic honey has strict parameters around where hives must be located. Our hives are nestled far away in remote terrain in the Southern Alps of New Zealand – it is an adventure just getting to them.

They are far removed from urban pollution and agricultural pesticides, so you can be sure that our honey is the very best that it can be.

Our honey bees dine on pollen from the best native New Zealand bush, including Mānuka, White Clover, Kānuka, NZ Bush, Rata and Kamahi. 

We are committed to making sure they’ve got the best that nature intended so that you can enjoy our products, knowing that they’re certified organic and produced sustainably.

From Hive to Home – Organic honey production

When the honey is ready to be harvested, we head out into the countryside and collect the frames from the hives. We then take the frames back to our processing and packing facility in Ashburton and store them in a temperature-controlled environment.

After 12 hours in storage, the frames are ready to be spun. The honey is spun out of the frames using a special machine that then transfers the raw honey into food-grade drums ready to be creamed, packed and dispatched.

We don’t use synthetic chemicals or antibiotics in, on, or around our beehives or equipment.

Plus, we use minimal heat to prevent damage to the taste and colour of our organic honey. The result is GMO-free, wild and unpasteurised raw, organic New Zealand honey.

What is the difference between raw and pure honey?

Raw honey is unpasteurised, unfiltered and has bypassed the pollen filtration process. 

Certified organic raw honey contains a high concentration of antioxidant minerals, vitamins, and all the beneficial properties of high-quality premium honey.

But, once the honey has been filtered and heated, it no longer contains these beneficial compounds.

Pure honey refers to 100% honey products that do not contain added ingredients such as corn syrup.

You can find pure organic honey; however, not all pure honey is organic.

All of TranzAlpine’s organic honey products are pure, genuine and true to label.

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