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TranzAlpineHoney is approved by the Vegetarian Society

May, 2020

We’re thrilled to announce that TranzAlpineHoney 100% New Zealand Certified Organic Honey has been approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Our Organic Manuka, Rata, Clover, Bush, Kanuka and Kamahi honeys are now able to carry the Vegetarian Society Approved trademark.

What does being Vegetarian Society approved mean?

Carrying the Vegetarian Society approved trademark means you can be sure that our approved products are guaranteed 100% vegetarian, and suitable for people who follow a vegetarian way of life.

Looking for the Vegetarian Society Approved logo makes it easier to select vegetarian options that,

  • Don’t contain ingredients from animal slaughter
  • Are free from genetically modified organisms (GMO’s)
  • And aren’t cross-contaminated with non-vegetarian products during production

You don’t need to spend time reading and understanding food labels and ingredients. Just look for the Vegetarian Society Approved logo and you quickly and easily can see that our NZ natural honey is something you can enjoy whenever you wish.

TranzAlpineHoney is committed to bringing you the best, natural honey

We’re committed to using natural processes during our honey production. And have zero tolerance to GMO use, animal abuse and use of any chemicals in our honey production processes.

Our NZ organic honey has had BioGro™ organic certification for over 20 years, and now being Vegetarian Society Approved gives our consumers extra confidence that the quality and origin of our honey is fully traceable to natural sources. Doing our best for the bees, the environment and you.

Making TranzAlpineHoney a natural New Zealand, organic and safe vegetarian option to enjoy every day.

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