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Your Rata Honey is simply the best honey I ever tasted!! In one word: Divine. My parcel arrived yesterday, Friday, and I couldn't - and didn't want to - resist the temptation and so I had a taste of your Rata Honey. I am passionate about honey and have tried a lot of different flavours and brands in my life, and I was already quite taken by your Clover Honey, however the Rata was like drops of bliss and light on my tongue. Absolutely wonderful. Thank You!!!, so much, for being organic, for being kind to your bees, for being Kiwi :-) and for supplying people like me with the most delicious honeys.

Monika, New Zealand January 12, 2019


I just have to tell you your honey is the best I have had in the world! I grew up in the 50’s in a household without white sugar, white flour - and honey was used sparingly as a sweet treat. But your honey is so good, I find it hard to resist! Still, it will take me some time to get through my order - and I wanted you to know my infrequency of ordering will only be a result of one person being able to eat just so much! I am thoroughly enjoying your honey! Much appreciation! Cheers, Sally

Sally, NZ October 31, 2018


I received the order with no problem today. I tasted all 3 different kind of honey that I ordered and these were tested fresh and delicious. Thank you very much for your prompt order process!

Sachiko, USA October 15, 2017


I received my parcel this morning and wanted to thank you for your efforts. Looking forward to the taste and benefits of the Manuka honey.

Stephan, Switzerland January 24, 2017


Super miel. I love NZ honey!!!

Susan, France August 3, 2016


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