. Facts

Sometimes you want buy a honey product but you have no idea where it was harvested, which floral source it came from and whether it is healthy for you.

When you buy TranzAlpine honey, you know exactly where it comes from. And that it is what it claims to be:

True to label.

When we label the floral source of the honey, it is based on 100+ years of beekeeping experience, detailed harvest records and independent certification. We produce 10 kinds of organic honey, and each batch is independently tested, processed and packed in New Zealand.

Free of chemicals.

The most common question we receive is -“What makes your honey different?”

The answer - our honey is organic. This means we use no chemicals during harvest and honey processing. And it’s harvested away from farming activities. To prove it we use a traceability system that enables us to trace each batch of honey directly to the organic beehive.

We are 100% sure that every batch of our honey is organic and true to label.