. Facts
According to independent nutritional specialists and consumer review - organic honey in daily nutrition may help combat digestive problems, some skin conditions, throat and mouth infections. 

Producing organic honey is much more than simply avoiding agricultural chemicals. It’s also about total product traceability, from the very beginning of production up until it reaches a consumer. To gain Organic certification in New Zealand, our honey must meet several requirements:
  • Our beehives are sited more than 3km from any areas of intensive agriculture.
  • Vegetation surrounding beehives is primarily “native”.
  • All our honey is traceable back to the beehives. 
  • No synthetic chemicals or any types of antibiotics used in our beehives. 
  • Organic honey processing uses minimal heat to prevent damage to honey taste and colour.
  • No synthetic chemicals of any sort have been used within our beehives or equipment. 
Certified organic HONEY is better for you, the bees and the planet!