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Celebrating 25 years of TranzAlpineHoney organic certification


In 2018 we’re celebrating 25 years of being BioGro NZ™ certified organic honey.  But we’re not jumping on the organic band-wagon. 


Actually, we’ve been living and breathing the organic philosophy for over 100 years.  Seriously, our hives are so remote it’s a great Kiwi adventure just reaching them, so there’re definitely nothing nasty anywhere nearby. 


Over these 25 years of being certified organic (and the 75+ years to get us there), we felt we needed to spread the goodness and share some things we’ve learned about why buying our pure New Zealand organic honey is the right choice.


Here at TranzAlpineHoney we produce the widest range of New Zealand organic honey, including natural organic honey and propolis supplements.  


Our honey bees harvest honey from the best native New Zealand plants including Manuka, White Clover, Rata, Kamahi and Kanuka.  We spend time making sure they’ve got the best that nature intended so that you can enjoy our products.  And here’s why:


The importance of organic

Right from the beginning we learned to keep our honey production as natural as possible.  We know in cities and farming areas that pollution, antibiotics and pesticides found on plants can end up in pollen and honey.  These chemicals may be bad for our health and wellbeing. 


As different countries have different limits on how much chemical residues are allowed in honey, we stand by our 100+ years of knowledge that organic is the safest way to produce honey. 


But organic is more than just producing honey without chemicals.  It’s making sure that our honey is produced in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, being able to trace exactly where our bees have been, and what they might’ve met along the way. 


Simple, sustainable and naturally safe

We learned to keep it simple.  The Newton family’s been producing honey for over 100 years, and now we’re on to the 5th generation keeping the business moving forward.  So, you’d have thought we might have been like other honey producers and changed with the times. 


But we’ve always known that keeping things simple, sustainable and as natural as possible is the way to produce the best honey.  And now the rest of the world is catching up with us. 


So really, we’ve been leaders in our field for all those years. 


This means you can rest assured, trusting that each jar of TranzAlpineHoney you enjoy contains exactly what it says on the label;  simply great, safe, natural organic honey, with no unwanted extras. 


Let us be your local

We’ve also learned that buying locally produced honey is something a lot of people think about when choosing honey. 


But not everyone is as lucky as us to live in a pristine, unspoiled corner of New Zealand.  If you live in a city or near an industrial area everything the bee or flowers come into contact with may be contaminated with pollution. 


Our remoteness, tucked away in the South Island of New Zealand, means we can guarantee an organic, pure honey, that’s so traceable we almost know the bees by name. 


So let us be your local.  In fact you can even check out your new neighbourhood and see where your honey jar came from.  Just fly by our website and checking the batch code on our ‘Trace your honey’ page https://tranzalpinehoney.co.nz/traceit.html


The ultimate medicinal food

Over time we’ve helped you learn that honey is more than just a sweet toast-topping or raw food ingredient.  It’s the ultimate medicinal food. 


We know you buy honey when you’ve got a sore throat, a cold, skin infection or cut, or to help boost your immune system. 


It’s not just Lord of the Rings that made New Zealand famous.  Manuka honey is known throughout the world as coming from New Zealand, and is probably the honey you reach for when you’re wanting the health benefits. 


Our organic Manuka honey has at least MG50+, and up to MG650+ rating.  This means our organic Manuka honey contains at least 50mg/kg of methylglyoxal (MG) – the property in Manuka honey that makes it antibacterial.   Research has shown us that 50mg/kg is the minimum needed for reliable antibacterial properties in honey. 


This means that when you buy our MG50+, MG150+, MG250+, MG400+ or MG650+ Manuka organic honey products you can be sure you’re getting a product that really will work. 


But wait, there’s more. 


It’s not just the Manuka that supersizes your health.  We’ve also learned that when you mix organic Manuka honey MG550+ with propolis (the superfood bees produce to repair and protect their hives), you end up with a product that can support your immune system and high in antioxidants. 




We never stop learning

We’ve learned loads more things about being certified organic honey producers for 25 years, so head over to our website https://tranzalpinehoney.co.nz/site.htmland check out what else we’ve learned. 


Celebrate with us 25 years of being certified organic with BioGro™, and try our two new products coming this month …


Limited release Organic Manuka Honey MG650+ 

Experience one of nature’s most unique and powerful health foods. Sourced from the native organic New Zealand Manuka tree, you can taste the superior quality of this limited edition honey.  The MG650+ rating means this exceptional organic honey has the highest antibacterial activity. Our Manuka honey is certified to be 100% organic, genuine and totally traceable to our organic and isolated beehives.


Organic Coastal Kanuka Honey

Our organic Kanuka honey is harvested among the remote and beautiful Kanuka bush, hidden in the hills of coastal South Island New Zealand. Delight in this polished, refined and decadent honey.  A perfect combination of crisp, aromatic butterscotch notes with a delightful clean finish on the palate that will leave your taste buds tingling.


Here’s to 25 more years.