. Facts

What’s the background to TranzAlpineHoney? 

Founded in 1910, TranzAlpineHoney is family owned and operated company passed down through four generations over 107 years. From the outset we have been committed to producing the highest quality organic products establishing TranzAlpineHoney as one of New Zealand's most highly regarded manufacturers in the organic honey industry. 

Over the years, our range has expanded to now produce high-quality products such as organic Manuka honey, White Clover honey, Rata honey, NZ Bush honey, Kamahi honey, Manuka honey lozenges, Organic Honeycomb and organic health supplements. 

This expansion of our product range has allowed us to grow our exports which are now sold to 22 countries across 6 continents around the globe and continues to promote our New Zealand heritage at premium Kiwi events and International expos.

What does being from New Zealand mean for your business? 

Our organic philosophy and compliance is paramount in everything we do. New Zealand has a global reputation for producing food & beverages manufactured within strict regulatory guidelines. Consumers are wanting to know about the safety and provenance of products and are becoming more and more informed about regulatory processes which has a knock on positive effect on our sales growth. In addition, our bee treatment, process temperature, remoteness of the harvest area, all our honey is traceable back to the beehives, having no synthetic chemicals or any types of antibiotics used in our beehives all influence purchasing behaviours by consumers. 

All this, coupled with being a New Zealand organic brand allows us to produce something unique and something which the consumer cannot buy anywhere else.

Where have you found the opportunities come from? 

Increased consumer demand for organic produce has helped us to diversify our organic honey and honey product range into health and dietary supplements. It all contributes - along with the NZ reputation as trusted, safe and natural, to provide us with a very specific and unoccupied market niche.