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Hi i recently bought your fantastic honey from our local coles but they don't seem to stock it anymore . Please could you tell me of a supplyer in South Australia . Please help i can't seem to go back to average honey now

Ron Krogoll, AU February 20, 2015


Hi this is a compliment!! Firstly, with your honey you shouldn't expect anything else Packaging great information great, product great. Just want to share that during a full Christmas shop at a Coles store in Bne AU recently I reached for the top shelf in NZ section. The honey I spied previously was price reduced to $4 something. MY GAIN. Wished I'd bought the remaining 500g of White Clover Honey!!! Because I feel like Winnie without anymore Honey. It lasted precisely the week before Christmas till today. Thanks to you all and your bees we have had the tastiest yummiest Christmas pantry addition in years. Kind Regards Deborah.

D A Hall, Australia January 8, 2015


In the interests of shipping costs, weight etc, and the retail benefit to me..I gladly accept the honey packaging in plastic outweighs the joy I get from transferring your scrumptious honey to the jar - yet it hasn't lasted that long in our household to be of any concern! Lovely Honey..Prosperous 2015 New Year

D A Hall, AU January 7, 2015


The honey arrived. Thank you for including the lozenges.

David Zmijewski, Japan October 20, 2014


I love your delicious organic honey! Thank you, Eva

Eva Niedzielski, Poland June 26, 2014


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