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Thank you for your fast delivery. The honey has just arrived! Thanks a lot again.

Helene, Germany July 14, 2016


Hi, I used to buy your white clover honey from Coles but they no longer stock it and I am lost without it. Could you please advise where I can purchase? I am situated in South Morang, Melbourne Australia. Thank you

Sandra, Melbourne, AU January 29, 2016


For a long time now I have been buying your WHITE CLOVER HONEY in Coles Supermarket...I am finding it hard to purchase for some reason, can you please tell me where I can purchase this marvellous product? I live northside of Brisbane city. thankyou Gillian

Gillian, Australia October 2, 2015


I've been purchasing your honey from Coles supermarket in Brisbane Australia and they are telling us that they are out of stock. I absolutely love your honey so is it still available or is it seasonal? Look forward to hearing from you soon

Ross, Australia August 21, 2015


Всім привіт! Нещодавно довелося мені відвідати меду з Нової Зеландії. І це був мед саме від TranzAlpineHoney. Дуже сподобався продукт. І це оцінка не рядового споживача, а професійного бджоляра. Так тримати, TranzAlpineHoney!

Roman, Ukraine April 11, 2015


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