. Our team

Derek Alan Newton

Derek Alan Newton Derek started in the beekeeping industry in 1987. Newton's Apiaries grew to become one of the largest and most efficient beekeeping enterprises in the region. In 2008 we expanded our business and started to pack our honey under our new brand, TranzAlpineHoney.


Chris Chris has a strong beekeeping background. He loves driving big trucks and forklifts.


Christine Christine is always positive and happy. Thanks to her food manufacturing experience, she is great in all tasks.


Victoria Victoria is our hardworking “bee”. She adores challenging tasks and completes them without a hint.


Andrew Andrew is in charge of our honey processing plant. His skills and “get it done” attitude are great assets for our team.


Orly has joined TranzAlpineHoney 2 years ago as a truck driver and beekeeper. His mechanical skills keep our machinery and equipment running 24hours a day.